About Nanopac

Thank you for your interest in NanoPac. NanoPac was incorporated in 1988 for the purpose of providing affordable high technology solutions to individuals with severe disabilities such as low vision and blindness. Products include electronic magnifiers, Braille devices, software etc.

1987 – CINTEX was developed by Silvio Cianfrone, a vice president of Telex Corporation, as an “off hours project” with equipment donated by Telex Corporation with approval of Steve Jatras (Chairman of the Board) and George Bragg (President). The intent was solely to help a nonverbal, head-injured young man who was a quadriplegic. “David” had not communicated for 6 years. He “spoke” with CINTEX.

1988 – Silvio Cianfrone founded NanoPac to concentrate on further development of CINTEX and distribution of CINTEX to other “Davids”. Steve Jatras and George Bragg continued their support.

1989 – NanoPac developed the world’s first integrated augmentative communications system with environmental controls. National Easter Seal Special Needs signed an agreement to distribute CINTEX. NanoPac presented at National Easter Seal convention.

1990 – NanoPac presented CINTEX to IBM Special Needs Division. IBM agreed to cooperate with NanoPac as a developer partner. IBM listed CINTEX in IBM Special Needs Catalog.

1991 – NanoPac signed agreement with IBM and Dragon Systems to distribute IBM VoiceType and DragonDictate.

1992 – IBM and NanoPac jointly developed CINTEX2, an environmental control system with voice activation. Within 6 weeks NanoPac successfully demonstrated for an IBM client at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in Virginia. IBM listed CINTEX2 in IBM’s “People Helping People Through Technology” brochure.

1993 – CNN featured NanoPac on Technology Week. NanoPac developed a United States based distribution network.

1994 – NanoPac began to market voice recognition for commercial applications.

1995 – NanoPac acquired SoonerSoft and added a full line of computer products for individuals with low vision or blindness.

1996 – NanoPac receives award from Dragon Systems as the best Premier VAR in the Midwest.

1998 – NanoPac celebrates its ten year corporate anniversary providing computer solutions for individuals with disabilities.

1999 – Blazie Engineering appoints NanoPac as a “Full Service Dealer” for Blazie blindness products.
NanoPac receives the National Award for greatest improvement in sales from Jim Fruchterman, Arkenstone’s President.
NanoPac becomes a charter member of ATIA.

2000 – NanoPac is among the top 10 Optelec low vision distributors in 1999 for best improvement in sales in electronic magnifiers.

2001 – NanoPac receives Oklahoma Rehabilitation Association’s “Top Provider of Year” for outstanding service.

2002 – NanoPac receives “Top Braille Displays Sales in the Nation” from Freedom Scientific.
Maria Swatek, MA CCC-SLP joins NanoPac as Staff Speech Pathologist.

2003 – NanoPac receives “Top Sales in the Nation” from Freedom Scientific.
NanoPac receives award from Missouri Rehabilitation Association.

2004 – Vince receives award from Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council.

2006 – NanoPac is nominated Gold Star Vendor Award for exceptional service to the Department of Rehabilitation Services and their clients.
NanoPac receives top “Business of the Year Award” from Oklahoma DRS.
NanoPac receives top “Domestic Growth”, “Product Mix”, and “PAC Mate”
award from Freedom Scientific.

2007 – NanoPac receives top “PAC Mate” sales from Freedom Scientific.

2008 – NanoPac celebrates 20 years of providing assistive technology to individuals with disabilities.
Rick Hart and Vince Cianfrone, both from NanoPac, receive “Most Appreciated Persons Award” from Blinded Veterans Association.

2009 – NanoPac passed the 10,000 mark of individuals helped with assistive

2010 – NanoPac’s Vice President Vince Cianfrone accepts the prestigious LeRoy F. Saunders award from the Oklahoma Council of the Blind in recognition of NanoPac’s lifelong dedication to national, state and local advocacy efforts and employment of individuals who are blind or have low vision.

2011 – NanoPac adds Chris Rose as a Sales Representative for the state of Missouri.

2012 – NanoPac expands into Colorado increasing coverage to 6 states.

2013 – NanoPac celebrates 25 years since incorporation and serving individuals with disabilities including low vision, blindness and paralysis. NanoPac adds Calvin Churchwell, CLVT, COMS as a Sales Representative for the state of Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

2014 – NanoPac expands into Nebraska and Iowa increasing coverage to 8 states. NanoPac welcomes Patrick Fischer to represent NanoPac in the states of Nebraska and Iowa.

2016 – NanoPac adds Amy Wagner as a Sales Representative for the state of Kansas and northwestern Missouri

2017 – 30 years since the first assistive technology system was delivered from the NanoPac start up. NanoPac is incorporated in Oklahoma one year later.

2018 – NanoPac received an award from VFO as the best provider of low vision and blindness electronic devices, software and service in the United States. This was based on sales and outstanding service. VFO is the world’s largest developer of electronic devices and software for individuals who have low vision or are blind.

2019 –Craig Smith joins NanoPac in the technical support department. Laura Bradbury joins NanoPac in the office management department. NanoPac adds Brian and Matthew Smith with MagniSight of the Rockies as a contractor for the state of Colorado.

NanoPac receives the 2 Star Achievement Award from OrCam

NanoPac becomes certified to offer ACVREP (Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals) and CRCC CEUs.

2022 – NanoPac expands Enhanced Vision coverage to all of Missouri and Colorado.

NanoPac completes a state-wide outreach project with the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired by placing over 300 video magnifiers in local libraries and senior centers.

Maria Swatek gains Level 2 SSP Certification via the SHEP Program https://www.shep-ok.org/sspprogram


Today, NanoPac is continuing to provide computer related services and products for individuals with disabilities. NanoPac has assembled an extensive assistive technology capability. In addition to developing assistive technology products, we have expanded our expertise and product line by researching and offering products from other manufacturers. We specialize in assistive technology products for people who are severely disabled with blindness, low vision, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, CP, MS, ALS, speech and cognitive disorders.

NanoPac Staff Photo

NanoPac primary market is OK, AR, MO, NM, KS, IA, NE and CO.