Blindness Products

Onyx Deskset HD Showing Eye Ball

ONYX Deskset HD

  Portable High-Definition Video Magnifier The ONYX Deskset HD delivers high-definition magnification in a sleek new design. With its integrated camera and monitor, the ONYX Deskset HD lets you read what you want, whether it’s across the room or at your desk. The...
Featured image of the CloverBook Pro XL from the front

CloverBook Pro XL

NEW CloverBook Pro XL from SightCare – a new, larger-screen version of the popular CloverBook Pro! Boasting a 16-inch touchscreen display, the CloverBook Pro XL not only gives more screen space, but also offers a wider scanning area so you can scan & read documents up to 11″x17″ in size.

image of the clover book pro with a magnified view of a 4 x 6 photo of a little girl with blond hair being licked by a white and brown dog

CloverBook Pro

CloverBook Pro, from SightCare, offers a large, 12.5-inch FHD screen with full-page text-to-speech scanning; all in a light, foldable, extremely portable unit, complete with an attractive protective carry case.

Eyedaptic EYE5

Eyedaptic EYE5 Meet the EYE5 with EyeSwitch™! Equipped with patented simulated natural vision software, the new Eyedaptic EYE5 solution optimizes the user’s functional peripheral across a wide range of use cases. It does this through a small embedded camera that...
image of the NanoNob from directly above it - the nanonob is a black box with a silver dial in the middle of the device


The NanoNob is a compact, round dial device engineered to act as an alternative solution to swiping for VoiceOver or TalkBack users.

Index FanFold-D_V5 Braille Printer

Index FanFold-D V5

High-speed tractor-fed Braille embosser An enjoyable user interface User engineering We have put our users in the center of the design and development process of the user interface in order to connect the hardware and software design successfully to a truly...
image of the odyssey reader from the side with the handle up and the camera locked

Odyssey Desktop Reader

Enhance your next reading journey with the Odyssey Desktop Reader … HumanWare’s compact, lightweight, easy-to-use text-to-speech reader features large, tactile keys and generates an incomparably streamlined reading experience.

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Dolphin SuperNova Logo

Dolphin SuperNova

SuperNova is a range of assistive technology for people who are blind or partially sighted. You can rely on SuperNova to provide exceptional magnification, screen reading and braille support.

PIAF - Pictures in a Flash - Braille Tactile Printer sitting next to a laptop with a math equation on the screen

PIAF – Pictures in a Flash

PIAF translates images into simple or complex tactile concepts like clockwork. Used in a variety of educational, professional and personal settings, it offers you a simple way to prepare tactile graphics, embossing any black lines, letters or shapes that are drawn or printed.