Low Vision Products

Image of the MagniLink WifiCam being used to view a document to the right of the tablet.

MagniLink WifiCam

MagniLink WifiCam is an all-in-one solution that wirelessly connects directly to an iPad. This convenient solution offers high quality and mobility standards, combined with outstanding image quality, modern technology and smart features.

Onyx OCR Video Magnifier


The ONYX OCR magnifies and reads aloud any document. The clear voice, magnification and high contrast makes reading so much easier. Comfortably change your focus from reading magnified texts yourself, to letting the ONYX OCR read them to you when reading becomes too...


For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details because of low vision, traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point. The RUBY video magnifier takes handheld magnification to the next level and beyond. The RUBY’s 4-inch, full color, high...
Ruby HD Reading pill bottle

Ruby HD

Crystal-clear Image in a Lightweight Handheld HD Video Magnifier The RUBY HD combines high-definition camera technology with a lightweight body to bring you crystal-clear images in a small package. The 4.3-inch screen and built-in LED lighting provide magnified...
Clearview Go with Lady at Home reading a magazine

ClearView Go

Overview - Available in 15" and 17" ClearView GO offers the same reading comfort, ease of use, and functionality as a desktop video magnifier, but in a compact and foldable design. It is the ideal solution for people who need magnification at different locations. With...
Onyx Deskset HD Showing Eye Ball

ONYX Deskset HD

  Portable High-Definition Video Magnifier The ONYX Deskset HD delivers high-definition magnification in a sleek new design. With its integrated camera and monitor, the ONYX Deskset HD lets you read what you want, whether it’s across the room or at your desk. The...
Image of the MagniLink TAB scanning a document to the right of the device.

MagniLink TAB 2 with Surface Pro 8

This tablet solution based on a Microsoft Surface Pro with 12.3” screen gives the user a complete mobile solution. The unit is perfect for any smaller task, as well as for long term reading. Use it as a video magnifier with built in OCR, or as a complete computer with access to everything – gives endless possibilities!

ClearView+ 24 inch Full HD Ultra Flexible Arm

ClearView+ HD (22″)

Convenient use The ClearView+’s smoothly sliding reading platform helps you to navigate around documents. On the ergonomic wrist pad you can rest your hands next to the controls while reading. The “one touch” brake instantly and effortlessly freezes the position of...
Acrobat HD Ultra Magnifier showing Lady looking at photos

Acrobat HD

Helping you read books, magazines and newspapers again! See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat HD. High definition allows you to experience vivid colors and contrast giving you a beautiful crystal clear picture and vibrant display. Acrobat HD ultra’s new...
Topaz EZ magnifing Suduku


TOPAZ EZ HD is an economical high-definition (HD) magnifier that emphasizes ease of use with single-function controls. The HD camera provides superior image quality, a wider field of view, and a lower magnification range. Available in a 22" monitor.