Product Image of the envision glasses, wearable assistive technology for low vision and blindness


Envision Glasses – Articulating everyday visual information into speech. And, with this information, comes the feeling of independence and the perception of possibilities.

Lightweight glasses, with a camera and direct speaker, Envision Glasses speak out text and environmental information, recognizes faces, light, and colors, and lets you share that information.

Unobtrusive, intuitive design, Envision Glasses excel in all kinds of text recognition, even handwriting, in over 60 languages.

Image of woman wearing envision glasses, wearable for low vision and blind to snap a photo outside

Read any short text that’s in front of you with Instant Text and turn any kind of long-form text into speech with Scan Text. Be it hand-written notes, newspapers, magazines or your own post
With Batch Scan, Smart Guidance and Layout Detection features to help you, dive into that book and listen back at your leisure.
Woman wearing Envision glasses, wearables for low vision, and blind, to read a recipe off a cook book and making it

Discover what’s around you with Describe Scene and Explore. From identifying light sources, cash notes and even colors, find objects and the people you know, even in a crowd.
Image of man reading a record player using the Envision Glasses, wearables for low vision and blind

The Envision Glasses open up a world of independence, but sometimes everyone needs to call a friend. With the Ally video call feature make handsfree video calls, when you want to, to your trusted friends and family.
Image of woman using the Envision Glasses, wearables for low vision and blindness, to video call a friend to help her chose a sweater to wear

Envision Glasses – Specifications:
  • Wifi & Bluetooth – Keeps you connected at all times
  • Battery – 5-6 hours with regular usage. USB-C supported fast charging.
  • Lightweight – Weighs less than 50 grams in total
  • Camera – An 8 MP camera with a wide field of view that computes everything.
  • Audio – Directional Mono Speaker, USB audio and Bluetooth audio.


Envision Glasses – Other Features: 

  • Instant Text – Immediately speaks out text as it appears in front of you.
  • Scan Text – Reads long pieces of text out loud in multiple languages.
  • Smart Guidance – Automatically and accurately captures text in one go.
  • Language Detection – Identifies and reads out in the correct language.
  • Handwriting – Reads handwritten, person notes and cards.
  • Layout Detection – Detects and speaks out headings and columns.
  • Reader – Scroll and listen back to text at your own pace.
  • Export Text – Saves scanned text to your Envision library.
  • Batch Scan – Captures multiple pages of text in one go.
  • Voice Commands – Control your Envision Glasses with your voice.
  • Favorites – Groups together Envision Glasses features.
  • Call on Ally – Make handsfree, video calls to trusted friends and family.
  • Describe Scene – Get a description of the scene in front of you.
  • Detect Light – Detect the intensity and direction of light sources.
  • Recognize Cash – Identify banknotes in multiple currencies.
  • Detect Colors – Detect the color of the object in front of you.
  • Find Objects – Identify popular objects and hear where they are.
  • Find People – Hear when there are people around you.
  • Teach a Face – Recognize the faces of people you know.
  • Explore – Discover what’s around you in real-time.