Image of the LyriQ Scan and Read Assistive Reader with a Book

The LyriQ Assistive Reader is designed to assist people living with blindness or vision impairments: this scan-and-read device scans printed documents and reads them out loud. It is spectacularly fast, extremely accurate, and very easy to use. With the LyriQ, you can read a book, an envelope, the letter that came in it, a prescription label, and anything else. Place the document on the device’s base surface: the LyriQ will immediately scan it and start reading the contents out-loud: no waiting, pressing buttons, or any other ways of getting frustrated. The interactive and responsive LyriQ takes a couple of seconds to start reading.

Watch the LyriQ in Action Here! 


User scanning a book on the kitchen countertop using the LyricQ


The LyriQ Reader Advantages

  • Simple: place the printed page on the LyriQ Reader’s reading surface and start listening to the contents
  • Responsive: immediate result and feedback. No getting lost, no confused waiting
  • Compact: fold flat, store like a laptop
  • Intuitive: minimal actions are necessary to make use of other (basic, few and important) device features – convenient large tactile buttons support and assist every step of the way
  • Bluetooth-enabled: connect to external speakers or hearing aids
  • Battery / AC powered: all-day lasting battery allows taking the device from the living room couch, to the kitchen island and outside to the patio for relaxed and pleasant reading; or plug into an outlet, if sitting close by.

The LyriQ Reader KeyPad

The LyriQ Reader Keypad gives more options to navigate the text via additional buttons. The LyriQ Reader Keypad is wireless and snap-attaches to the back of the device.

Image of the LyriQ Keypad on a countertop to view the buttons.

LyriQ – Q&A:

Q. What kind of documents can I read with LyriQ?
A. LyriQ can read any printed text – books, magazines, mail.

Q. How difficult is it to learn to use LyriQ?
A. It is really simple. There is no need to remember where the buttons are or how to control the device. All it takes is to place reading material on the LyriQ’s base.

Q. Can LyriQ run on a battery?
A. Yes. LyriQ can run on a built-in battery, or plugged into an outlet. The fully charged battery lasts 12 hours.

Q. I am bi-lingual. Can LyriQ read foreign languages?
A. LyriQ can read in 20 different languages. In the US, it comes pre-installed with English and Spanish. Please contact us before ordering additional languages.

Q. How fast is LyriQ? How long does it take to read a page?
A. Once the page is placed on LyriQ’s base, it will take 1-2 seconds before you hear the page start being read.

Q. Can I adjust the reading speed?
A. Yes. Reading speed can be adjusted by two buttons on the side of the LyriQ’s base.

Q. Can I scan a book and listen to it later on DAISY or MP3 player?
A. Yes. You can scan a book and save it to a USB drive. LyriQ will save it both as text and in the MP3 format.

Q. Is LyriQ portable?
A. Yes. LyriQ weighs 3 lbs only, and folds down flat to measure 12″ x 12″ x 2″.

Q. Does LyriQ have any advanced text navigation functions?
A. Yes. Using an optional keypad, you can navigate text by character, word, sentence, or paragraph.