Ruby 10 showing man at desk using magnifier arm extended

Ruby 10 and Ruby 10 Speech (2 models)

The RUBY 10 video magnifier features a 10-inch touchscreen and three dedicated cameras to help you magnify letters, magazines, labels, and photos. A swing-out arm allows you to view items in your hand and write. Enable full-page OCR on the speech model when the arm is extended. With a touch of a button, you can scan pages and have them read aloud to you. The third camera is dedicated to seeing objects at a short distance, such as signs and menus on a wall.

Ruby 10 showing distance Viewing Menu

Ruby 10 showing distance viewing a menu

The RUBY 10 also introduces unique, patent-pending viewing modes that come standard with both models:

  • ColorSight+™ color blindness enhancements which shift specific colors to assist color differentiation in real-time.  These filters are intended to improve contrast for protanopia (color blindness to red), deuteranopia (color blindness to green), and tritanopia (color blindness to blue).
  • GlareGuard™ attempts to maximize comfort during long-term use by minimizing pain from light sensitivity. This feature reduces the wavelengths of light associated with such pain. It is designed to achieve comfort while maintaining luminance and contrast levels acceptable to the user. Although we believe every eye condition can benefit from this feature, it is highly recommended for macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.
  • EdgeScribe™ edge enhancement modes attempt to improve object recognition by removing visual clutter.
    • Edge enhancement makes the edges of objects in an image stand out against the background.
    • Edge-only mode removes colors, only showing the lines and edges of objects in view.
    • Edge smoothing reduces visual noise in high-contrast modes.
  • Aptiview™ algorithm dynamically adjusts the contrast in different parts of the image, which could improve the viewing experience in more lighting conditions than previously possible.

Product Features

  • Magnify from 2X to 24X
  • Touchscreen and tactile buttons
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Magnify small objects and fine print
  • See objects at a short distance
  • Save scanned images and documents
  • Connect an external display via Miracast or USB
  • Connect a headset to listen to documents privately (speech model)
  • Scan and read full-page documents (speech model)
Ruby 10 Showing signing a contact

Ruby 10 showing signing a document

Ruby 10 showing senior viewing photos

Ruby 10 Magnifying Photos

Ruby 10 showing text White on Black

Ruby 10 showing White on Black text option