NanoNob – Simplified Navigation for VoiceOver & TalkBack Users

The NanoNob is a compact, round dial device engineered to act as an alternative solution to swiping for VoiceOver or TalkBack users. Considering the amount of various tap, swipe, slide commands – the NanoNob is the perfect solution for those individuals who struggle to swipe or learn the commands of these accessibility features but do rely on them for their functionality. 


image of the NanoNob from directly above it - the nanonob is a black box with a silver dial in the middle of the device

How It Works:

With NanoNob simplified navigation is just a turn away. Rotate clockwise to swipe right, counterclockwise to swipe left, and a quick press down to activate the focused item. Need to return to the home screen? A long press on the NanoNob dial does just that. Scroll down to view a demonstration video of these commands! 

image of an iphone on the left and the nanonob on the right connected via the provided cable
  • Swipe Right = Rotate the Dial Clockwise
  • Swipe Left = Rotate the Dial Counterclockwise
  • Tap, Click, Select = Quick Press on the Dial
  • Return to the Home Screen = Long Press on the Dial

Customizable Functionality:

We understand that every user is unique. That’s why NanoNob can be customized to cater to your specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting iOS rotor settings or Android granularity, we offer personalized controls for a tailored experience. 

NanoNob Features:

  • Skid-Proof Foot: The NanoNob’s main base has anti-slip, grip pads on the bottom of the unit, so the device can be used while sitting on a flat surface and not slide around while the user is attempting to use the device. 


  • Heavy Base: The NanoNob’s heavy base makes the device more substantial and durable. 


  • Plug & Play Configuration: Upon receiving the unit from NanoPac, you can expect the NanoNob to arrive already pre-configured for your operating system, and any requested settings enabled. Simple plug the Nob into your device and start scrolling! 


  • NO BUTTONS: One of the more important features, the device has no buttons on the device, not even a power button to prevent confusion and simplify use. The device is powered by the device it is plugged into. 


  • Weight: 6.6 ounces 
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 5″ x 4″ 
  • Material Type: Aluminum 
  • Size: USB-C Port

NanoNob Demonstration Video: