BrailleBox Covers ClosedBraille Box V5

Single sheet feed high speed embosser with surprisingly low noise level. Braille Box is a masterpiece from Index Braille.

  • High speed 900 pages per hour.
  • Automated (open & close) Braille tray
  • Support mobile printing
  • Excellent Braille dot quality.
  • The sheet feeder holds up to 400 pages.
  • Very stable sheet feeding.
  • Surprisingly low noise level.
  • Newspaper format. One A3 folds into four A4.
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Print from portable devices
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille (idB)
  • Emboss hassle-free Braille books (with automatic booklet format)
  • Multi-lingual voice speech feedback
  • Automated (open & close) Braille tray
  • <30% faster embossing speed than V4
  • Web interface for embosser setup & support
  • Complete embosser control via the control panel
  • USB host port (emboss directly from USB memory)

High production volumes

Braille Box is the best embosser for high volume production of Braille, using ordinary copy paper. It also has the best sheet feeder ever to be used in a Braille embosser.

Best price for performance

Using the latest electronic platforms, injection modeling tools and professional design Index Braille has made it possible to combine high performance and an attractive price. Braille Box is a masterpiece from Index Braille, giving our customers what they have asked for in high volume production printer.

Low Noise Level

Good dot quality has always resulted in a high noise level. Now this has changed. Braille Box is the first single sheet Braille embosser that is completely sealed. This combined with a muffled ventilation gives a surprisingly low noise level.

Best Sheet Feeder

The basis for making a good single sheet embosser is the sheet feeder. The sheet feeder used in Braille Box is owned by Index Braille and the best ever to be used in a Braille embosser. The pick up function has been optimized for quality Braille paper and tested to perfection. The paper tray holds up to 400 sheets of paper.


Technical Specifications


2 years

cps/1000 USD



Embossing speed cps

300 cps



Vertical printing (booklet)

Adjustable line spacing

Braille font

2.5 mm

Tactile resolution

50 dpi

Forming method

3 heads with 13 hardened hammers/anvils in each


Cut sheet fed

Sheet feeder size

400 pages

Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper width

A3 (297×410 mm), Tabloid 11″x17″

Paper length

11″x11x5″, B4 250×353 mm

Fixed paper size



56 cm (22.05 in)


72 cm (28.35 in)


90 cm (35.43 in)

Net volume

362.88 dm3 (12.81 ft3)

Net weight

68.2 kg (150.04 lbs)

Noise level

60 dB(A)

Noise level with acoustic protection



USB memory stick

Wi-Fi network

Wired network


Supports mobile devices

Printer driver for Windows

Printer driver for Mac

Printer driver for Linux

Web interface

Free firmware upgrade

Supports idB



100-240 V AC

Power max

400 W

Power stand by

5 W

Eco power down

1.0 W

Switched power supply

Braille Box showing covers opened: 

BrailleBox Covers Open