Index FanFold-D_V5 Braille PrinterHigh-speed tractor-fed Braille embosser

An enjoyable user interface

User engineering

We have put our users in the center of the design and development process of the user interface in order to connect the hardware and software design successfully to a truly user-friendly experience.

Our result is the V5 control panel which is a local user interface that allows users to:

  • Interact with the braille embosser settings
  • Emboss documents (from USB or embosser memory)
  • Feed paper
  • Get embosser information
  • Open and close the braille tray door
  • Restore previous settings
  • Set distributor (region) specific default settings

The control panel provides the user complete embosser control and speech feedback (available in many languages).

The backlit text communicates information and warnings clearly. Upon a possible warning message, users may simply press HELP to receive further instructions. The menu control has been adapted to the standard of most modern devices with arrow keys and an OK key to maneuver commands easily.

A cleaner design

The new V5 control panel is an electric PCB. It includes connectors for all sensors, motors and LED lighting and as a result, a need for only a single cable wired to the main board. This provides a much cleaner electric mechanical design element that is required during production and service of the braille embosser.

Emboss & manage from portable devices

Index FanFold Braille Printer printing from cell PhoneIn today’s world we can now use mobile devices for many tasks that once required computers. Making the V5 embosser line compatible with modern portable devices has been critical to the development process. This concept is revolutionary to the braille printing market as for the first time every, you may emboss braille from your smart phone and tablet from an Index V5 braille embosser. This application is available from any Wi-fi connected device with a browser.Begin embossing from your portable device by ensuring that your mobile device and Index V5 braille embosser are connected to Wifi. Then use the Index app to simply upload your file. The embosser will use idB (the embedded direct printing application) automatically to print the file. idB translates braille into Grade 1 or Grade 2 braille, formats the page layout, duplexing and page number.Print emails, notes, online content, etc. by saving the text in any standard file format such as doc, pdf, txt or brf. Then emboss braille from your mobile device such as iPhone, Android or Windows phone. 

Using the same web interface (Index app) you can also manage your V5 braille embosser from your portable devices.

  • Monitor embosser status and progress.
  • Repair and install a new SD card.
  • Run service functions for testing.
  • Set up desired print layout, communication settings and endless other embosser MENU options.
High-speed single-tractor-fed Braille printer at a truly affordable price.

  • Speed up to 1000 pages per hour
  • Low noise level
  • Simple and effective construction
  • Easy on-site maintenance
  • Smart user interface

FanFold-D technology

Built with all latest Index V5 platform technologies and features, FanFold-D V5 replaces the earlier tractor-fed embosser 4Waves PRO. It is better, lower priced, lighter, smaller and easier to maintain.

   Technology                  Fan Fold-D            4Waves Pro
Speed 300 CPS 300 CPS
Price 17.995 USD 24.995 USD
Volume 473 dm3 1348 dm3
Printing principle 1 module with 3 heads 4 separate modules with 1 head in each module
Paper size 11 or 12 inch 11 or 12 inch
Ports Wi-Fi and wired network, Bluetooth, USB, and UDB host USB, wired network and serial
Braille editor Support Index direct Braille and external braille editor Require external braille editor
Lights Light-up printing module and paper in/out movement No light
Smart user interface Modern menu structure, backlit keys and text V3 user interface
Noise level 63 dB(A) 63 dB(A)