BrailleTrac 120Highlights

  • 120 characters/second – fastest wireless braille embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided braille – Library of Congress standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics – 8 dot heights for greater detail
  • Automatically translate and emboss directly from your computer or mobile device
  • Tractor feed paper – the most reliable sheet feeding technology!
  • Compact size – can go with you everywhere
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Get fast, reliable braille with the IRIE BrailleTrac 120! Embossing at 120 CPS this double-sided embosser gives you Library of Congress standard braille with the highest-resolution tactile graphics!

With 8 different dot heights you can fully customize images to get the most readable tactile graphics. Fill images with different patterns/dot heights to provide more detail or change the dot heights on graphs to make gridlines less prominent and the graph easier to read.

With wireless printing capability the IRIE BrailleTrac allows you to emboss directly from your computer or mobile device. Access any Android or iOS app that lets you print and have it automatically translate and emboss for you! It’s that easy! You are no longer limited to only embossing documents made on a computer and saved in a specific format but can emboss directly your web browser, email, appointments, to-do lists, photos, Dropbox, AllRecipes, Drawthings, Pinterest and hundreds more!

And with a compact, light-weight design the IRIE BrailleTrac fits at any desk making it the ideal solutions for students, professionals or anyone who need high-quality braille and tactile graphics at their fingertips.

Better Braille Dot

BrailleTrac sample output
IRIE embossers not only produce high-quality Library of Congress standard braille but within those parameters also offers three different braille dot heights allowing users to customize their documents to better suit individual needs. This means that users who have greater sensitivity can lower the braille dot height to a more comfortable level and braille readers with less sensitivity can raise the dot height offering greater flexibility for all.

High-Resolution Tactile GraphicsBraille graftic of eye ball

IRIE embossers offer high-resolution tactile graphics. With 8 different distinctive dot heights users can transform images into readable tactile graphics. The dot height is automatically adjusted based on the visual color of the image. The darker the color the higher the dot and the lighter the color the lower the dot making it easy for users of all skill levels to make custom tactile graphics.

The eight different dot heights also allow you to add more details to images and diagrams. You can easily make a map more readable by filling the interior state or country with a low dot height or pattern while leaving lakes or bodies of water with no fill for enhanced readability.

Better yet, you can use any type of graphics software to do the customization. Use standard graphics software such as the Adobe Design Suite or CorelDraw or use popular tactile graphics software such as TactileView, Tiger Designer or Quicktac to do dot-by-dot editing or add braille and math labels too!

Wireless Embossing

Wireless printing has never been easier with the IRIE GoBraille.

  • Connect the GoBraille to your embosser
  • Connect the GoBraille to a current wireless network or create a local connection between the GoBraille and embosser
  • Open any program or App that lets you print and have your materials automatically translated to braille and embossed.

It’s truly that easy! You don’t need a special program, file type or application; just open your email, web browser, notes, or any app that prints and have your documents embossed just as they would with a standard ink printer.

Fast, Local Support

IRIE embossers are built to last with robust hardware that extends the life of the embosser and with a local US Headquarters you can be assured that if an issue does arise it will be resolved quickly – usually within one working day.  You never have to pay more for great, fast service for IRIE embossers.

Our friendly staff are always happy to hear from you so please give us a call if you have any questions or need assistance with setup and installation.


Dimensions Height: 6.2 in (158 mm)
Width: 21.9 in (557 mm)
Depth: 10.8 in (275 mm)
Weight 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
Noise < 60 dB(A) with sound enclosure
Paper type Tractor fed paper
Paper weight 33 – 120 lb (90 – 200 gsm)
Paper width 7 – 12.5 inches (176 – 325 mm)
Braille/Embossing 120 cps double-sided
3 braille dot-heights available
Braille cell 6 and 8 dots
Tatcile graphic resolution Up to 100 DPI
8 dot heights for color representation
User interface Multilingual speech feedback
Network 100 MB standard TCP/IP
Temperature 59 – 95 °F (15 – 35 °C)
Voltage 100 – 240 V AC
Power Supply 85 – 264 VAC
50/60 Hz (+/- 3%)
Standby: 20 W
Heavy Embossing: 200 W
Warranty 1-Year, Parts and Labor