Focus Refreshable Braille Display – 5th Generation!

The 5th Generation of the Focus 40 Blue Braille Display is more rugged and stronger than ever. We’ve built the housing from aluminum and steel, added bumpers to absorb shock, and physically isolated the Braille cells to create a Braille Display to meet the demands of the active user. And, like previous Focus Blue models, the 5th Generation is lightweight and compact with a user-friendly keyboard and control layout. You can have up to five Bluetooth connections so that you can easily connect to iOS and Android™ devices such as smartphones, iPads®, and tablets. You can also use the Perkins-style keyboard for effortless Braille text input to control your computer. When you combine the Focus 40 Blue with JAWS®, you have the ultimate in speech and Braille access to your computer. The new Scratchpad feature lets you take notes and read books even when you aren’t connected.

image of the focus 40 braille display

The Focus connects to your laptop and mobile device via Bluetooth, or to your desktop PC via USB-C. Easily switch between Bluetooth devices and one USB connection.

Focus Features:

  • 14, 40, or 80 refreshable Braille cells, 8-dot Braille keyboard 
  • Convenient thumb keys, panning buttons, and cursor routing buttons 
  • Freedom Scientific exclusive NAV Rockers let you rapidly scroll by line, sentence, or paragraph, or pan through a document 
  • Built-in Scratchpad with BRF Book Reader 
  • Adjustable key repeat for rapid scrolling and panning 

Compatibility & Connectivity Features:

  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with Apple iOS 11 or later and Android devices 
  • Use with JAWS for combined speech and Braille access 
  • Use with JAWS for Braille Study Mode to learn and teach Braille 
  • Works with JAWS BrailleIn for contracted Braille input and full control in Windows 
Side image of the focus 14 braille display
image of the Focus 80 braille display