equity 1317 adjustable hand crank table
Adjustable Table – Wheelchair Accessible

ADA Compliant – Hand Crank Adjustment

Made in the USA – Life Time Warranty

The ideal solution when frequent adjustment is needed to accommodate students who use wheelchairs. This flexible workstation accommodates students of all ages and abilities. Two easy-to-turn hand cranks provide infinite surface adjustment (between 24-38 inches) to meet the functional requirements of students with disabilities and the requirements of the ADA. The keyboard and monitor sections adjust independently for adequate knee clearance space for wheelchair users and the appropriate view height when using a computer. Life Time Warranty.

Standard Features

  • Front & Rear surfaces adjust independently
  • Adjustment Range of 24″-38″ a 14 inch span
  • Front crank positioned under table and retracts
  • Rear work surface adjusts with a top crank
  • Hand-crank adjusts 8 cranks per inch
  • Lifetime Warranty


 Dimensions Front

Dimensions Rear


EQ 361416     36″ x 14″  36″ x 16″     $1131
EQ 481416     48″ x 14″  48″ x 16″     $1147
EQ 601416     60″ x 14″  60″ x 16″     $1162

Please call for quotes on quantities.

Delivery lead time: 5 – 10 days from order
Assembly time: 20-40 minutes
Shipping: Please call for a quote

Surface Options:
Durable Laminates:

American Maple Digital Storm Dove Grey
Adjustable Table Color Choice: Maple Adjustable Table Color Choice: Storm Adjustable Table Color Choice: Grey
Fresh Canvas Living Teak Urban Walnut
Adjustible Table Color Choice: Canvas Adjustable Table Color Choice: Teak Adjustable Table Color Choice: Walnut
Maple Cherry
Adjustable Table Color Choice: Maple Adjustable Table Color Choice: Cherry Maple and Cherry are Solid Wood Veneers (Surcharge applies)