TTY MiniPrint 225

Miniprint 225 TTY UTI-MP225

 Miniprint 425 TTY UTI-MP425

 Superprint 4225 TTY UTI-SP4225

 Superprint 4425 TTY UTI-SP4425

 Superprint 4425 TTY w/ASCII UTI-SP4425-AS

Choose from five models of printing TTY’s with displays:

UltraTec MiniPrint or Superprint Pro 80 Models 225 425 4225 4425 4425A
Price $379 $419 $449 $499 $549
ASCII support to answer computer TTY calls X
Built-in phone ring flasher on TTY itself! X X
Auto-Answer (Programmable) X X
Remote retrieval of messages in Auto-answer X X
Memory dialing and dialing by name X X
Built-in clock with time/date printing X X X
Programmable Relay Voice Announcer X X X
Huge 32K Memory X X X
Personal phone directory storage X X X
New function keys to send and edit memos X X X
Greeting key, sends greeting message X X X
TTY Announcer™ X X X
Auto-Answer (Pre-Programmed) X X X
Built-in phone ring flasher. X X X
Direct Connect with 2 phone jacks X X X
Call Progress X X X
Keyboard dialing X X X
TurboCode X X X X X
Auto ID X X X X X
Follow-on dialing X X X X X
Tone or pulse dial X X X X X
Rechargeable batteries X X X X X
Locator keys on the “home” row X X X X X
Enhanced Acoustic Reception System X X X X X
“GA” and “SK” keys Built-in, X X X X X
Printer, Built-in, 24 character, 3 print sizes (normal, bold, and wide) X X X X X
Bright, 20 character display X X X X X
One year warranty X X X X X

Direct Connect with 2 phone jacks – allows you to plug telephone ring signaler directly into the TTY eliminating need for a separate Y-jack.

Enhanced Acoustic Reception System (E.A.R.S.™) helps pick up even weak signals

“GA” and “SK” keys for convenience Built-in, 24-character printer with 3 print sizes (normal, bold, and wide)

 Call Progress – in direct connect mode, Call Progress shows on the display whether line is ringing or busy

 Follow-on dialing (For credit card calls and information systems such as dial-in banking services)

 Tone or pulse dial (Tone dial supports “call transfer”, “conference calling”, and other special functions)

 Programmable Relay Voice Announcer (New Feature: When a hearing person calls, Superprint 4425 can send a voiced message telling them they have reached a TTY and should use a relay service.

 Greeting key for easy one-touch sending of greeting message.

 TTY Announcer™ – announces to person at other end of the line that they need to use a TTY