Product Image of the IrisVision Inspire headset. NanoPac, Low Vision, Wearable Magnifiers

Inspire leverages IrisVision’s award-winning software in an all-new, lightweight headset designed for helping low vision users perform routine tasks on the move and regain their independent life.

Inspire is a low-profile wearable software platform delivering functional sight for low vision. From the team that developed the multiple award-winning IrisVision Live headset, Inspire is an all-in-one, all distance, and autofocus solution designed for intuitive ease-of-use.




Experience the world in high definition for distance, intermediate, or tasks near at hand, with instant autofocus, an industry-leading field of view, and up to 10x magnification.



Reading can be achieved with newfound clarity and optional inverted text. Whether it’s paying bills or curling up with a good book, Inspire is writing a new chapter in vision health.



Don’t miss a minute of movies, sports, or favorite TV shows with Inspire’s easy to optimize settings for TV, computer, or other screens.


Retinitis Pigmentosa

For Retinitis Pigmentosa or other visual field restrictions, the image virtually expands the field of view. Changeable on the fly for various viewing tasks, near to far.


Voice Controls

Using Inspire is as easy as speaking out loud. Simply say, “Reading mode,” “decrease brightness,” or “Zoom in.”


Phone Connectivity

Get even more out of IrisVision’s Inspire with the new phone capabilities. Just one more way to stay connected.



Learn a new skill, keep up with news, watch the latest viral video, or with a YouTube TV subscription, catch up on favorite shows.


IrisVision Inspire Hardware and Accessories:

  • IrisVision Headset 
  • IrisVision Display Unit 
  • Headset Lanyard
  • Fast Charger and Cable 
  • Device Holding Lanyard 
  • Carrying Case 
  • Training Guides 
  • Headstrap
  • Ear Clips 


NanoPac provides excellent post-sale product support and was chosen number 1 in the U.S. by the world’s largest manufacturer of low vision and blind assistive technology.


Voice Controls 

Image of woman wearing the IrisVision Inspire headset and speaking a comment to increase the volume. NanoPac, Low Vision, Wearable Magnifier

Phone Connectivity

Image of woman using wearing the IrisVision Inspire and hearing that there is an incoming call on her phone. NanoPac, Low Vision, Wearable Magnifier


Woman wearing the IrisVision Inspire headset and watching YouTube. Low Vision, Wearable Magnifiers, NanoPac Images of the IrisVision Inspire with highlights of main features. NanoPac, Low Vision, Wearable Magnifier