Ruby Hand Held Video Magnifier reading receipt

For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details because of low vision, traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point. The RUBY video magnifier takes handheld magnification to the next level and beyond. The RUBY’s 4-inch, full color, high brightness video screen makes it outstanding for reading bills and writing letters and checks. It is so small and unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or purse as the perfect traveling companion for visiting the grocery store, the pharmacy, the bank, the library, bookstore, restaurant, or anywhere else.

The RUBY is easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with technology products. Just turn it on with one button, place it over an object, and adjust enlargement to your preference with the easy zoom button. The RUBY stays flat on the table or can be held over your reading with the fold-away handle. The magnified image or text appears in the display window. With only one button, you can adjust the screen from full color for viewing pictures to any of four high contrast text modes.

RUBY features:

  • Flip out the convenient handle and use the RUBY like a conventional magnifying glass, holding it above a page or object – but see everything with enhanced contrast and NO DISTORTION.
  • Press the Freeze Frame button to capture an image and bring it close for comfortable reading. This is ideal for reading labels of food products on high store or pantry shelves. Take the RUBY to the library or bookstore, and suddenly you can read the titles of books on arm-length-high rows. At the metro station, you can hold it flat to a wall-posted schedule board, push the Freeze Frame button, then bring the RUBY close and take your time carefully reading route information. You will find so many uses for the Freeze Frame feature.
  • Store up to 15 Freeze Frame images – prescription instructions, phone numbers, serial numbers, and anything else you may need to reference later.
  • Change the text and background colors individually to suit your most comfortable reading. The RUBY features full color mode and four enhanced contrast modes for reading: black text on a white background; white text on a black background; yellow text on a blue background; or yellow text on a black backgroundMagnification 2x to 14x with handle extended
    Magnification of 5x to 10x flat on the paper
    Uses 4 AAA rechargeable batteries – 2 hours continuous use
    2 hour charge time (also works with disposable batteries)
    Weighs only 7.7 ounces
    Carrying case and charger with universal adapters included

          RUBY on stand reading bill

          Optional Reading Stand