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    Megadots Braille Translation Software

Megadots has merged with Duxbury Please click here to visit Duxbury.

MegaDots is discontinued.

MegaDots is the recognized leader in advanced Braille translation technology. With MegaDots, you can translate computer text from your favorite word processor to Braille output.  MegaDots has now merged with Duxbury.  Please click here to visit Duxbury.

MegaDots' smart file import and export feature reads and writes to 95 different kinds of files. Or you can use MegaDots' built-in word processor.

As a demonstration, MegaDots translated the entire text of the novel War and Peace on a 486 computer with 8 MB of RAM in 25 seconds (actual embossing would consume 2,786 Braille pages).

MegaDots produces high quality Braille in grade two, grade one, Computer Braille Code and Linear Braille Format (LBF).

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