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Victor Reader Stream CD Edition

The easiest way to transfer your DAISY CDs to your Stream

Victor Reader Stream CD Edition combines the world renowned Victor Reader Stream and a special CD player accessory.

(See also Victor Reader Stream)

No PC?
No problem!

Victor Reader Stream CD Edition is perfect for people who do not have a personal computer. It is the easiest way to transfer a collection of DAISY books on CDs onto one single, portable audio playback device, without the use of a PC.

Key Benefits:
  • Ideal for readers who do not use a personal computer and who want the benefit of a pocket size Stream DAISY/MP3 player
  • The perfect solution to transition from using Victor Reader Wave to Victor Reader Stream
Whatís in the package?
  • One Victor Reader Stream with all the usual accessories (rechargeable battery & charger, ear buds, USB cables, documentation CD and a 2Gb SD card)
  • One Victor Reader Stream CD player Accessory especially designed to be used with the Victor Reader Stream
Attaching the CD accessory to the Stream

Step 1: Connect the CD accessory and the Stream using the USB cables.
Step 2: Plug the CD accessory into a power outlet using the power adapter.
Step 3: Power on the Stream.

Copying the CD Book to the Stream

Step 4: Insert a DAISY CD book into the CD accessory. Push the tray closed. After a              few moments the Stream will begin playing the CD book.
Step 5: While the CD book is playing, press key 3 on the Stream to copy the CD book              to the Stream memory card.
Step 6: Press the orange Play key on the Stream to confirm the book copy command.              The CD book will begin copying to the Stream memory card. Periodic messages              will announce the progress of the copy.
Step 7: When the copy is complete you will now be able to find the book on the                Streamís Talking Books bookshelf.

For more details, power on the Stream and listen to the Auto Play Getting Started audio book.

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