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TOPAZ HD Desktop Video Magnifier

High Definition Desktop Video Magnifiers

The TOPAZ® HD uses a true high definition camera to produce the clearest, sharpest image and crispest text available. The sharp image allows the TOPAZ HD to offer the lowest magnification and widest field of view of any desktop video magnifier, so you can maximize the amount of information displayed on the screen - especially with a widescreen monitor. This reduces the need to move the reading table when reading text, looking at photo albums, or working on crafts and other projects. Many users will find they can display an entire page of text in high contrast and read comfortably without moving their document back and forth under the camera. 

All the Advanced Features of the TOPAZ - PC Connectivity Plus High Definition

  • Sharpest image available, as low as 1.5x
  • Widest viewing area available – fit an entire page across the screen
  • Attractive ergonomic design to suit your home or office
  • Directed LED lighting for a bright work surface without glare
  • Reading Lines and Masks
  • 8.25 inches of workspace under the camera
  • Freeze Frame
  • Focus Lock
  • Position locator
  • Find Feature
  • 30 customizable high contrast text color modes
  • Available in 20", 22" and 24"

Connect your PC and toggle between your document and PC view on the TOPAZ HD screen

Install optional GEM™ software and work on your PC in split screen and save images from your TOPAZ HD

The widescreen TOPAZ HD easily displays a full page of instructions on the magnified screen - and keeps it as crisp, clean and clear as the original.

Visit the Topaz for no computer connectivity

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