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Max Panel is a powerful, portable magnifier integrates the Max digital magnifier with a slim, LCD platform. Powered by a innovative battery pack, the Max Panel runs up to 5 hours without recharging. The discrete camera projects an, auto-focus image on the screen (in full-color or black and white depending on model), enabling you to read anywhere. Read at school, on a plane, in the office, at home--- almost anywhere!

To use Max Panel, simply move Max over any object or material and view on the slim, LCD screen. This flexible screen can be adjusted to achieve the best viewing angle. Select from four viewing options with the press of a button and increase magnification with the turn of a knob.

Best of all, Max Panel is easy to use. Simply take the unit out of the case, turn it on, and start using it immediately.

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Key Features

  • Magnification: 8x 12x on 10 LCD Screen
  • Moveable slim, LCD screen
  • Multiple viewing options (photo, negative, standard, positive)
  • No connections or assembly needed
  • Soft case included
  • Also works with Flipper digital magnifier
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Options include: Max Trak, Max Writing Stand


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