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Jordy  - Low Vision Magnifier

Lightweight • Portable • Sleek Design

Experience The Latest In Wearable Low Vision Technology

This innovative system is the ideal solution for your active lifestyle, enabling you to read, write, and see in any environment including work, home, and school. Jordy is a battery-operated, full-color portable system that can be worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far, and anything in between.

“Jordy makes my life easier. It helps me do everyday things like read my books, use the computer and pay my bills. It also allows me to see my family, watch TV, play cards and enjoy so many other things I thought were lost to me.  It is simply amazing.”



Jordy Features

  • HD autofocus camera for distance, intermediate & near viewing

  • Adjustable magnification

  • Color Select, Locator, Freeze & Focus Lock functions

  • Dual display with wide field of view

  • 5-level brightness control

  • Adjustable top strap and nose piece for optimum comfort

  • Glare reduction eyecup shield

  • Lens holder for your prescription

  • Headset weight: 8 oz

  • Control unit with built-in rechargeable 4 or 8 hour battery

  • HDMI input for TV viewing with brightness and volume control

Optional Jordy Docking Station:

Docking Station includes a 24" HD Monitor for Jordy to be used interchangeable as a video magnifier.

Jordy Docking Station CCTV Features:

  • 24” high-resolution HD Monitor for best image quality

  • HD autofocus camera

  • Simple, easy-to-use tactile controls

  • Wide range of adjustable magnification

  • Multiple viewing modes to optimize contrast

  • Locator button allows for quick zoom in and out

  • Built-in LED lighting

  • Slide mechanism provides flexibility for various camera arm positions

  • Tilting LCD screen

  • 2 year warranty

  • Designed & Assembled in the USA

The Jordy Docking Stand is Patented Technology

Important: Jordy is not designed to be used while driving or for mobility.

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