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How does it work?

(See Half QWERTY for right-handed solution)

You type with your left hand, just like you would on a normal keyboard.

Except, the spacebar also works like a shift key. Holding it down gets you the letters of the missing half of the keyboard.

Hitting the spacebar alone still types a space.

Users - Left handed only users, one handed users..

Is it easy to learn?  Yes.

Most touch typists can learn it after only a minute or two of experimentation. Very little effort is required, and speed increases rapidly with practice.

If you're a hunt & peck typist, learning one-handed typing is like learning standard touch typing. It's no easier and no harder, and will take roughly the same amount of time.

Why is it so easy to learn?

The finger used to type each letter is the same finger that's used in normal touch typing.

That's why you can learn it so quickly.

You're using the same finger movements that you already learned in typing class, except now, you're only using one hand to do them.

How fast can I type? Fast.

We've measured speeds as high as 64 words per minute. That's 3 to 6 times the speeds possible on other handheld computers.

Why such a big difference? Touch typing.

A half keyboard, with its full-sized keys, lets you touch type with one hand.

Other handhelds have miniature keyboards that force you to hunt and peck, which is slow, or to use a pen, which is even slower.


5.75 x 3.15 x 0.71 inches (146 x 80x 18 mm)

Weighs about 150 grams (5.3 ounces)


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