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New Focus 40 Blue Braille Display


Crisp, Paper-Like Braille, Ultra-Responsive Keyboard, and Bluetooth in the Smallest Package Yet

The new Focus 40 Blue combines the latest Braille technology, the most user friendly keyboard and control layout, and both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in an extremely lightweight and compact design.

Use the Focus 40 Blue with BrailleIn™ to enter contracted Braille, switch to display modes such as structured and line mode, or perform all keyboard commands for complete control of your PC. The comfort and response of the refined Perkins-style keyboard permits hours of effortless Braille text input.

Advanced Navigation - More Efficient and Eergonomic

Advanced navigation features allow quick movement around documents with natural, efficient hand movements for greater productivity. Read documents and e-mail, work with spreadsheets, and surf the Web – never moving your hands from the Braille display.

Other features and options include:

  • Freedom Scientific’s exclusive NAV Rockers let you rapidly scroll by line, sentence, or paragraph, or pan through a document
  • Front panel selector buttons can be used in combination with panning buttons, rocker bars, and cursor router keys to select a block of text, page up or down, or move to the beginning or end of a document
  • Two front-mounted thumb keys for panning
  • Two rocker bars for line up/down
  • Two Selector keys
  • Two Shift keys
  • Select your personal Braille firmness with VariBraille
  • When used with JAWS, the Focus 40 Blue supports our popular Braille Study Mode, an interactive tool for teaching and learning Braille
  • A Perkins-style keyboard provides you with a logical, structured interface to issue navigation, Windows, and JAWS commands without removing your hands from the display, including BrailleIn™ that allows you to enter contracted Braille directly into many applications from the Focus 40 Blue

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