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   FlipperPort - Low Vision Magnifier

  Discontinued - See Flipper

FlipperPort is an amazing product that represents a new paradigm in visual technology, bringing flexibility and portability together in one product. FlipperPort consists of two main components: a high resolution color camera that captures the image, and a pair of lightweight glasses that display the magnified image.

This self contained, battery-operated system offers optimal portability, ease of use and comfort. No matter where you are, you can view magnified images by simply wearing the glasses and pointing the camera.

Flipper Stand
The Flipper Stand increases the flexibility of Flipper, especially for educational settings. With Flipper or FlipperPort placed in the stand it functions as a full-featured desktop video magnifier extending viewing options.  In addition, the Flipper can be rotated to view a blackboard or presentations.

At home, school, or work the unit can also be easily connected to a TV or a computer monitor (additional hardware may be required). No assembly is required, just turn the FlipperPort on and enjoy the flexibility.

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Key Features
  • 225-Degree Camera Rotation
  • 4-Ounce Glasses
  • Multiple Contrast Options
  • Distance, Intermediate and Near Viewing
  • Magnified TV Viewing
  • Magnify 6x - 40x Near; 1x - 24x Distance
  • Full Color with Auto-Focus Magnification
  • Battery Operated System
  • No Connections or Assembly Needed
  • Portable, Convenient, and Easy to Use


1. FlipperPort glasses offer crisp image without reflection or glare. Four times brighter than any system available.

2. Control unit and battery powers the device for three hours of continuous use. You can also control the brightness of the glasses.

3. The rotating digital camera captures and enlarges the image in any position. You can select between three different contrast options and control the level of magnification with the turn of a knob.

Package Includes


  • FlipperPort Glasses
  • Flipper
  • Control Unit
  • Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Adapter
  • Video Cable
  • Sturdy Case
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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