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Flipper  - Low Vision Magnifier

Flipper's innovative rotating camera design enables people with low vision to perform daily tasks more effectively. By rotating the camera head, the user can read, write, and view magnified images at any distance. Any task is possible with Flipper, just point and view! Flipper is lightweight and can be moved easily from one area to another. To use Flipper, simply roll the base and rotate the camera to view the desired image. With so many built-in features, it is easy to see why Flipper is the ultimate in flexibility.

Flipper Stand
The Flipper Stand increases the flexibility of Flipper, especially for educational settings. With Flipper or FlipperPort placed in the stand it functions as a full-featured desktop video magnifier extending viewing options.  In addition, the Flipper can be rotated to view a blackboard or presentations.

At home, school, or work the unit can also be easily connected to a TV or a computer monitor (additional hardware may be required). No assembly is required, just turn the Flipper on and enjoy the flexibility.

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Key Features
  • 225-Degree Camera Rotation
  • Height: Less than 7"
  • Read, Write and More
  • Distance, Intermediate and Near Viewing
  • Connects to any TV in seconds
  • Magnify 6x - 40x Near (20" TV): 1x - 24x Distance
  • Full Color with Auto-Focus Magnification
  • Multiple Contrast Options
  • Magnify Images on Any Surface
  • Lightweight: Just over 1lb.
  • Flexible, Convenient, and Easy to Use


Flipper is easy to use and connects to any TV in seconds. To use, simply point the camera in the desired direction and view the magnified image on the TV screen. The control knobs allow you to change the magnification level and contrast. Flipper can also be connected to a computer monitor (additional hardware may be required).

The magnification range starts at 6X and goes up to 30X (20"TV) near and 1x to 12x for distance. The 225 camera rotation allows images to be magnified in any position, making reading, writing, performing tasks and hobbies possible.

Package Includes

  • Flipper
  • Video Cable
  • AB Switch Assembly
  • Power Adapter
  • (Not shown, optional)
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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