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CINTEX4 -  SPEAK to your APPLIANCES                       

CINTEX4 - an environmental control system for use with voice recognition systems (such as Dragon Professional) or any other keyboard replacement. CINTEX4 has 2 components - Telephone and Infrared/Appliance. Each can be operated by voice or by any keyboard or mouse alternative.  Bed controls and A/C controls are optional. CINTEX4 consists of software and hardware (compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP).

You choose the components you need - Telephone and/or Infrared and Appliances.

Telephone:                                                    Infrared and Appliances                                           

CINTEX4 telephone includes:
  • Dial
  • Answer
  • Disconnect
  • Dial from a Directory
  • Flash for Call Waiting Redial and Voice Mail.
  • All functions are totally hands free.

CINTEX4 will automatically syn-chronize the operation of its phone amplifier with dialing and answering phone calls. The telephone support requires a modem for dialing and a serial port.

You may order CINTEX4's Private-Talk if you wish to use the same microphone/headset for your Computer (NaturallySpeaking etc.) as you use for your phone.

Click here for more Telephone Options

  CINTEX4 Controller:

CINTEX4 Controller will control all your infrared equipment (TV's, VCR's, Stereo's, CD players, cable, satellite etc.) as well as controlling up to 255 X10 devices (lights, appliances, etc.).  The controller has the capacity to learn 416 infrared commands (channel up, play, track up, etc.) in addition to the 255 X10 devices.

CINTEX4 "learns" your existing remote "clicker" commands for your TV etc. As you teach it each command you can use CINTEX's existing names (Play, Pause, etc.) or you can change the names to suit you.  This gives you total flexibility.

Operationally, you just say the name to "push the button". You would say "Volume Up" or "Channel Up".  If you are controlling your computer with something other than voice, like a pointing or scanning device, you would use it to "push the button".

As an option, you can order CINTEX4's infrared repeater which allows you to send infrared commands beyond line-of-sight, even to other rooms.

All of the following are possible through voice commands with CINTEX4:

  • Answer incoming calls.
  • Dial a specific phone number.
  • Dial from your personalized directory.
  • Flash for Call Waiting and Conference Calling and Redial.
  • Send touch tone codes for voice mail and data base services.
  • Phone disconnect (Hang up).
  • Dial over pulse or touch tone services.
  • Turn off/on up to 256 appliance modules to control lights, radio, fan, etc.
  • Provide thermostat setback to control central air and heat.
  • Provide direct control of central air and heat.
  • Provide a relay closure to operate switched devices.
  • Operate infrared-controlled TV’s, VCR’s, stereos, CD players, satellite receivers, etc.
  • Transmission of infrared signals to other rooms.

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