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Braille Sense Plus QWERTY by HIMS

The Braille Sense Plus QWERTY provides the functionality expected of a laptop, while remaining a compact, portable notetaker.

Light and compact in size (2lbs/924g)

The Braille Sense Plus QWERTY is equipped with 32 Braille cells and speech output. Since it weighs only 2lbs (924g), you can carry it very easily. Don't worry about shoulder pain from carrying a heavy laptop or notetaker.

Easy User Interface

The Braille Sense Plus QWERTY is designed with a menu structure similar to Microsoft Windows. It is very easy for beginners to use.

Built-in Bluetooth, wired and wireless Internet

Experience Bluetooth connectivity and high-speed internet access without adding adapters. Ethernet connection : 10/100Base-T (built-in) Wireless network : IEEE 802.11b/g (built-in) Bluetooth connection (built-in)

A variety of software programs

File manager, word processor (including advanced formatting features), schedule manager, address manager, e-mail, MSN messenger, FM radio, Daisy player, media player, scientific calculator, alarm clock, stop watch and more.

Global positioning system

The GPS system can be included with Braille Sense Plus QWERTY as an optional program (varies with country). The specification is subject to change without prior notice.

8GB built-in flash memory

You don't need to carry compact flash or SD card for data storage. 8GB will give you sufficient space for documents, databases, music and more.

Clear MP3 format recording and powerful media player

Record directly to an MP3 file. You can easily record a two hour lecture because the MP3 format provides a small file size. Also, you can record directly from another component using the Braille Sense Plus QWERTY line-in function. Besides recording, there are FM radio, Daisy player and media player functions which can be controlled by audio-exclusive buttons.

Technical Specifications

  • OS : Window CE
  • CPU : Intel X-scale (PXA270)
  • System memory : 128MB
  • SDRAM : 128MB
  • Flash memory : 8GB
  • Network : Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth
  • Braille display : 32cells 
  • Sound output : built-in stereo speaker, earphone jack
  • recording : built-in microphone, external microphone jack (stereo recording)
  • Interface : 2 USB 2.0 (master, OTG), SD slot, CF slot, Serial port
  • Battery : Lithium Ion (detachable and rechargeable)
  • Size : 9.8"(W) X 5"(D) X 1.5"(H), 25cm(W) X 12.8cm(D) X 3.9cm(H)
  • Weight : 2lbs, 924g

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