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  Braille Printers

NanoPac will be pleased to help you select the best Braille printer for your needs.  Braille printers, Braille Embossers, normally require Braille translation software such as Duxbury.

Click on one of the Brailler links below for more information:

Brailler Width
Ports Inter-point Tractor/
Sheet Fed
Index Basic-D V4 48 100 S,U,E Yes Tractor Speaks
Index Basic-D V5 48 110 U,UM,WI,E,B Yes Tractor Speaks
Everest V4 48 100 S,U,E Yes Sheet Speaks
Everest-D V5 48 110 U,UM,WI,E,B Yes Sheet Speaks
Braille Box V5 48 300 U,UM,WI,E,B Yes Sheet Speaks
FanFold-D V5 48 330 U,UM,WI,E,B Yes Tractor Specks
Btec 100 44 13 S,U No Sheet  
Phoenix 45 50 U,E No Tractor Speaks
Romeo Attaché Pro 32 15 P,S,U No    
Romeo 60 Single 48 60 U,UM,WI,E,B No Tractor Speaks
Juliet 120  Double 48 120 U,UM,WI,E,B Yes Tractor Speaks
BookMaker 44 80 U/P Yes Tractor Speaks
Learning Systems
50   U No   "Braille as you type" and much more.
Viewplus Premier 80 12" 80 U Yes Tractor Braille with Print option
Viewplus Premier 100 12" 100 U Yes Tractor Feed/Braille with Print option
Viewplus Elite 150 12" 150 U Yes Tractor Braille with Print option
Viewplus Elite 200 12" 200 U Yes Tractor Braille with Print option
Viewplus Max 14" 60 U No Tractor  
Viewplus Emprint Spotdot 14" 50/40 U No Sheet Braille and Print
Viewplus Cub 9.5" 50 U No Tractor  
Viewplus Cub Jr. 9.5" 30 U No Tractor  
InkConnect           Required for Print on Braille for Premier and Elite
PIAF 11" N/A N/A No Sheet Graphic Braille (Pictures in Braille)
Blazer 34 15 P No   Discontinued
Romeo Attaché 32 15 P,S,U No   Discontinued
Romeo 25 40 25 P*,S No   Discontinued
Romeo Pro 50 40 50 P*,S No   Discontinued
Cyclone 45 60 U,E No Tractor Discontinued
Trident 45 100 U,E Yes Tractor Discontinued
Juliet Classic 56 55 P,U Yes   Discontinued
Juliet Pro 56 55 P,U,E Yes   Discontinued
ET 40 60 P,U Yes   Discontinued
Juliet Pro 60 40 60 P,U,E Yes   Discontinued

Ports: P=Parallel, S=Serial, U=USB, E=Ethernet  (P* might work with Parallel/USB adapter).
          UM=USB Memory Stick, WI=WiFi, B=BlueTooth

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