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Acrobat Panel by Enhanced Vision

This powerful, portable magnifier integrates the Acrobat rotating camera with a slim, LCD platform. Powered by an innovative battery pack, the Acrobat Panel runs up to 5 hours without recharging. The camera projects a full-color, auto-focus image on the screen. View distance, read and write at school, in the office, at home and much more.

To use Acrobat Panel, simply point the Acrobat at any object and view on the slim, LCD screen, which can be adjusted to achieve the best viewing angle.

Shown above with Long Arm.                  Shown Below with Short Arm:

For low vision users, legally blind and those with macular degeneration.

Key Features:

  • Magnify up to 72x Near
    25x Distance
    5X Self on a 20" TV
  • Moveable slim, LCD screen
  • 7 Viewing modes (True Color, Black and White, Positive, Negative, and 3 Color Select Modes)
  • Soft case included
  • Optional Features:
  • Laptop and PC Compatibility
  • XY Table
  • Monitor

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